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The buttons below will take you to some interesting places from my oldest identified direct ancestor and his decendents, to my whole known family including cousin "The Honorable Lucien Bouchard, former Prime Minister (Governor) of Quebec.

Check out the history of the first Bouchards in "New France" (Canada) by Georges Laurent Bouchard.

  NEW! Information and links relating to French Nobility.

  HOT SUBJECT! The infamous (and totally invalid) "Bouchard Family Coat Of Arms" and some words on heralds in general with links to authoritative information. Also you can find out how to create and register your own legitimate PERSONAL herald.

  Family Coats of Arms and other such MYTHS! (Illustrated)  HOT!

  French Titles and Nobility  NEW!

  Descendents of Jacques Bouchard.

  The whole big family at once!

  "Le Petite Claude" by Georges Laurent Bouchard.

24 January 2014
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